Paddling consists of many different disciplines, each of them using different craft designs and different paddle styles to suit the water on which they take part.  Kayakers use double bladed paddles, while canoeists use single-bladed ones.  Please find below a brief outline of some of the disciplines that we have in the club.


Many of the club’s members enjoy inland touring, either in kayaks or open canoes.  There are several trips and tours organised by the club through out the year.  These give paddlers the chance to chill out, socialise and enjoy the bankside wildlife.  Recent tours include the River Severn, Wye and of course the Nene.

River Running
This is a form of river touring for those looking for more of a white knuckle ride.  These trips are usually undertaken in buoyant plastic kayaks, on fast flowing whitewater, bumping and scraping over rapids, rocks and even the odd waterfall.  Don’t be put off by the fast and furious nature of the sport, the club runs low level trips suitable for even the most tentative of white water warriors.

Free Style
Whatever you can do with a skateboard you can do with a playboat, these boats are designed for performing various tricks and manoeuvres from cartwheels to aerial loops.  The competitive side of this sport is known as freestyle and the club boasts some of the top freestyle paddlers in the UK.  Definitely the coolest paddle sport on the planet.

As its name suggests slalom involves going between poles suspended above the river. The aim is to complete the course as quickly and as cleanly as possible. This is an Olympic sport, and slalom competitions are held for all levels of paddler at events through out the country most weekends.

Sea Kayaking
The Club runs a number of sea kayaking trips throughout the year to places such as Norfolk, North Wales and Scotland.  There range from day trips to longer trips which include self sufficient paddling, i.e. carrying all your kit for overnight stops in your boat.  We also do day trips on local inland rivers such as The Cam, Nene and Great Ouse.  The club owns  sea kayaks for members’ use.

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