Friday night Pool Sessions

During the winter months, the club runs sessions at the Mounts Swimming pool (see map below) from 8:30 to 10pm.  These sessions are ideal for paddlers of all abilities: beginners can get a feel of the sport in a safe environment and can learn safety drills in nice, clean, warm water while more advanced paddlers can practice support strokes and perfect their roll.  It is also a nice occasion to get to know club members and have a chat.

The sessions start in the learner pool, with a limit of 8 boats. Arrive ready to go in at 8:30pm

Preference is given to beginners, of any age, in this pool. At 9pm we move into the main pool, with a limit of 25 boats.

Because the pool management limits the number of boats we can use, the sessions have to be booked and paid for online. There’re places for 25 paddlers each week, spectators are not charged and don‘t need to be booked.

When arriving, we use the rear entrance off Robert Street. If you need to use a club boat and paddle, please collect it from the container on your way in. If you bring your own boat it must be clean inside and out. It will probably be checked by the pool staff, and will be refused admission if they find dirt in it. There is no facility for cleaning boats at the pool.

Important: The car park that we use in Roberts Street now has cameras and we are required to notify pool reception with registration numbers.
Parking is still free, but failure to give your car reg this may result in a Parking Penalty.
This is a new policy from the Mounts, so it’s not within the control of the club.
It will be YOUR responsibility to ensure that your registration number is logged at reception.

Please note that the door is locked from 9pm. Shoes and socks need to be removed at the entrance, as we go directly on to the pool side.

The only equipment you need is swimming kit and a towel. Some people prefer to wear a tee-shirt as well.

The session in the water ends at 9:55pm, and we need to have vacated the site by 10:10pm, so please change quickly at the end. If you want to have a long shower, consider getting out before 9:55 to do so.

Asking you to book your place online allows us to provide club members with high quality time on the water and eliminates overcrowding.  We are unable to take people that just turn up on the night so you will be turned away unless you are simply a spectator or a coach coming to teach skills.

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Location: Upper Mounts, Northampton NN1 3DN (round the back)

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