Borrowing Kit

The club has a large range of boats ranging from Kayaks, canoes, sit on tops, sea kayaks and much more as well as the other kit from helmets, BA’s paddles for the use of club members.

If you are taking part in an official club trip that has been advertised in breakout and  you need the use of club kit you will need to book it out in advance with the equipment officer. The reason is we may have other events on that will need the use of that piece of kit or it is currently undergoing repair or out on another trip. The equipment officer will advise when you can collect it or who to organise transport with if there is a large group going.

Email equipment requests to:

Please give as much notice as possible.

If you are a member are not going on an official club trip and want to borrow some equipment this is often still possible but you need to ask well in advance as the equipment officer may need to go to the committee for further authorisation.

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