funday-1Well it was a wet start, heavy rain etc. but it didn’t ruin the day. So after setting the games up along with the gazebo and Gas BBQ we were ready to entertain our guests.

The Start time was set for 10am but with the weather and travelling time for some we postponed for a while to get numbers together and eventually the games started.

Now there`s Bob doing Sinking of the Titanic whilst Matthew Smith shows him how it’s done. Bob eventually did get the hang of it. This is actually a beer cooler on loan from Desperate Measures who donated some prizes for this event, a big thank you to them all.

Now why have 1 in a coracle when you can have 2, these where very popular today, a big thank you to Tony and Lesley for loaning us them.

Bungee paddling was fun, we set a marker buoy out and the aim was to beat it with all your strength before being pulled back into the jetty. Josh Whittingham was winning this event for a long time them Pete King added another 6” onto it. Defiantly a good work out.

funday3Stand up paddle boarding with a twist, Oh yes through the slalom poles, easy you say. We put a bar 2” above the water line so you had to step over it at the same time trying to keep your balance.

Not all the games involved the water, we had tight rope walking, this was won by little Oliver Chapman.

We decided to have the BBQ around 130pm and the next thing we hear and see are blue lights sitting on top of the bridge,(No Tracey hadn’t set fire to the club)2 police personal came over to see if we have seen anyone in distress in the water as they had a call from a passer-by who spotted a person whilst driving home. We gave our assistance and even helped with the search, Steve and I paddled down to the turning on the loop, on the way back up we updated some officers that it was clear. funday4We then got an eye on the bridge where Oh yes, more blue lights. All 3 Services had now arrived. We had noticed a lone paddler go off upstream on a paddle board. Pete and Simon went upstream and saw the lone paddle boarder on his way back to the centre  Long story short, he had fallen off and this is what the passenger of the car saw. Remember always go out with a minimum of 3 people for safety reasons.

The Games continued for a while after lunch also it had stopped raining, in time for us to pack away and get cleaned up.

A Good Day had by all and a big thank you to all involved, who made this event possible.