So, from Ogwen Valley
Day two for me
With a hearty breakfast cooked by Andrius
We set off for a strong Grade 3

The Seiont river was chosen by Steve and Sarah
Which I had not done before
But hang on a minute what’s this I’m hearing?
Some parts are a Grade 4


We met up with the additional paddlers
The banter you had to hear and see
For splashing some of the others
A helmet was dumped in a muddy puddle,and a kayak adorned a tree


Paul Dutch Hollands gave us the briefing
And the signals that we should know
He even did the “whoo whoo” train sound
With the sign for us all to go


This river was fast and exhilarating


And each random rock called my name
A real test of my novice ability to miss them
But now my once pristine boat, will never look the same


One Grade 4 rapid we all scouted
And I just had to give it a go
I messed up the second half and crashed over a boulder
But styled it out until the end, with ‘high braces’ and much bravado


Scott said his “heart was beating like a broken clock”
And added the odd expletive for effect
But I didn’t witness any lack of confidence
So as the young’uns might say, ‘Respect’


Martyn would graciously show each line to take

While Tom kept an experienced watchful eye
Unfortunately Adrian and Paul took a swim2017_0204_12430400
Yet by luck, rather than judgement, I managed to stay dry


Well James took it all in his stride
As one of the oldest, I can’t do any fancy trick
But he has such raw talent and potential
Out of jealousy this rising star really makes me sick

We finished at Caernarfon Castle
With time to take in the beautiful scenery
How great a feeling to end this trip
Where the river meets the sea.


Book a trip with Steven and Sarah
After all Wales is not that far
You will soon be saying cheers to them
Or in Welsh it’s ‘iechyd da’